Art for Sale: Sylvie Kantorovitz Wickstrom

My friend, the lovely and talented and confusingly-named Sylvie Kantorovitz Wickstrom . . .

. . . who was born in Casablanca, raised in France, and ended up in Albany, NY . . .

. . . where she has not only illustrated numerous children’s books . . .

. . . but has also continued to ply her craft as a fine artist . . .

. . . pretty good, right? I think her head might still be in France. I mentioned up top that Sylvie was confusingly named. Look at the book covers. She used to go by the name of Sylvie Wickstrom. Then she changed it to Sylvie Kantorovitz. She’s fun that way. We’re all waiting to see what name she’s going to come up with next. I’m quietly rooting for Sylvie Ishkabibble — just to further confuse the marketplace.

Sylvie just opened an Etsy site, where you can see (and purchase!) some of her original work for very reasonable prices. I just thought I’d give her a shout out. You know, use the powerful platform of to promote some beauty in the world.

NOTE: Greg Ruth, the illustrator of A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade, also offers many original pieces of art for sale. Just click here!

Thank you, thank you very much.

Interior illustration, chapter 2, The Haunting of Charles Dickens, by Lewis Buzbee.

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  1. sylvie says:

    wow, Jimmy. nice PR. Thank you so much.
    as for the confusion about my names, no kidding. i am not sure myself who i am sometimes. and i just may come up with a 3rd one. Ishkabibble is an inspiration.

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