Dipping My Big Toe Into the Cool Pool of Skype (does that sound too gross?)

I’ve been thinking about Skyping lately, you know, video conferencing with schools. My first reaction to Skype was negative — because that’s how I react to any new technology. At heart, I am a Caveman. Fire? Oh, please. It’s a passing fad.

It’s perfectly normal for me to say things like this:

“Hey, baby, don’t mess with my Eight-Tracks!”

Seriously, Skype just felt like another way of talking on the phone and I have certain, um, phobias about phone calls. I don’t like them. But I recently participated in an event for Banned Books Week that featured a Skype visit from author Lauren Myracle. She was wonderful; I loved her and came away sold on the potential of the medium.

My middle child, Gavin, 11, set me up with Skype last week. I need to practice, figure it out, and eventually I think I’ll offer 20-minute Q & A sessions to schools (for a modest fee, including book sales). I’ll need to think about the ins and outs before moving forward. But if anyone out there wants to help me practice with their classroom, for free, with extremely low expectations, please write and let me know.  I know that a Skype visit can never replace the impact of this . . .


. . . but it does offer an interesting alternative. Feel free to contact me via the “contact” icon up top. Label your email, “Free Skype Visit,” and we’ll take it from there. It would be a plus if you’ve done this before, because, as I said, I have not. It could be fun and that’s what we’re all about here at jamespreller.com.


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