The Undying Appeal of a Double-Breasted Blue Blazer with Brass Buttons!

Here I am, checking my Twitter account, updating my Facebook status, networking with strangers on  “Linked-In” . . . and live-blogging “Autumn 2010: You Had to Be There!” for my Nation of Readers here at

This shot was taken yesterday — a world away — up on Owl’s Head (off 73, near Keene). Easy hike, great views. We spent Sunday and Monday up in Lake Placid with friends. This photograph is me, attempting to get away from those same friends.

One quick story: Elliot is such a great kid, pure and sincere and six years old, I enjoy him so much. When we first arrived at the house, he was proudly donning a dusty old blue blazer he’d discovered in a closet. And basketball shorts. I don’t know exactly how it made him feel, wearing that jacket, but Elliot didn’t want to take it off. He even wanted to wear it on the hike.

God, I so remember being a boy.

NOTE: I realize the blazer is not, technically speaking, “double-breasted.” But you can’t deny the appeal of those b’s and d’s in the mouth, especially bouncing off “blue blazer with brass buttons.”

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