This Week’s Greatest Thing Ever: Kanye’s Tweets + New Yorker Cartoons

I remember immediately liking Kanye West when his first CD arrived. The single “Jesus Walks” sounded new and inventive, breathing fresh life into a surprisingly resilient musical genre that bordered dangerously close to growing stale and repetitive.

Over time, it was gradually revealed that Kanye was kind of a jerk, in the self-centered egomaniacal mold.

Talented, but yuck. That is: Perfect for the Twitterverse.

Since we’re in the Age of the Mash-up — for example, I recently praised the randomized pairing of Neitzsche quotes with Bill Keane’s Family Circus comics, called “The Nietzsche Family Circus” — it seemed almost predictable that some creative body would combine Kanye’s tweets with actual New Yorker cartoons.

Enjoy the postmodern meta-meta absurdity. Here’s a few to get you started . . .

The people who deserve all the credit can be found at #KanyeNewYorkerTweets (sorry, having trouble with the link).

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