Poetry Thursday: “Dinner”

I came across this poem from a while back, thought I’d share it here — with my Nation of Readers — rather than stuff it back into the already stuffed file folder. Actually, I dug it out because it expressed some thoughts that connected with a current project.

Do I think of myself as a poet? Not really, no. But I believe this: As somebody who gets paid to write, it’s important nevertheless to write for myself, not the marketplace. It can’t always be, “show me the money.” Poetry surely answers that call. Witness the lack of billionaire poets.


  1. Liz S says:

    I love this. I like this school of poetry — Wm Carlos Wms meets Wm Stafford, or something like that. Or maybe I’m way off. That’s the great thing about poetry. It’s flexible.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Thanks, Liz. Love WCW — “no ideas but in things” — but doesn’t everybody?

  3. Parker P says:

    You can have my billion dollars. That is one awesome poem.

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