Overheard: “It’s Cadbury Egg Season!”

My wife is attuned to earth’s natural rhythms, the first buds of Spring, of planting and, later, the summer harvest. When the season is ripe, Lisa loves to go out to pick apples, strawberries, raspberries, whatever’s in season. She’ll even go so far as to cook a fresh beet (waaaaay overboard, if you ask me).

Which is why I always get a kick out of it when, around this time of year, she enters a store and suddenly yelps, “It’s Cadbury Egg season!”

Lisa is referring, in case there’s any doubt, to the mini eggs. She has no use for the cream-filled monsters. But those delicious little eggs, with the perfect light candy covering? She can’t resist them. After all, they’re in season. And then, sadly, they’ll vanish. Get ’em while they’re ripe on the vine!

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