Book Signing: Schenectady, October 24th

In the past, I have perhaps groused about book signings in these go-go days, when folks are busy and the notion of going to a bookstore to meet a real, live, and possibly clean-shaven author feels like an enormous undertaking. The flood of love that the big names receive can feel like a trickle of indifference for others.

Even so, I’m grateful for the support from bookstore owners, managers, staff — and wish to return that support in kind whenever possible — and I’m especially appreciative to anyone who shows up. To the point where I might even leap out of my chair to hug you around the knees. Which, admittedly, can get awkward.

I’ll be at the Open Door in Schedectady, New York, birthplace of Arnold Lobel, on October 24th, from 1:00 to 2:30. No, my hero Mr. Lobel was not born in a bookstore, it only feels that way when you read his great, great books.


  1. Best of luck, JP. Are you doing a reading too? Or just a squat and sign? I’m doing my first solo bookstore event this Saturday. Nervous, but looking forward to it.

  2. jimmy says:

    That would be a squat and sign. I’ll feel like Thurman Munson. Three is the change, two’s the curve, and one is the loneliest number.

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