Fan Mail Wednesday #61: Part 2

Yesterday, I gave a goofy reply to a piece of fan mail. And all day today, it’s bothered me like a loose tooth. My tongue keeps coming back to it, poking at it. I can’t leave that letter alone. Maybe I’m crazy or over-thinking things; or maybe I didn’t quite do right by Melissa, which is something I can’t abide. So I sent her this follow-up, as sort of a do-over:

Dear Melissa,

By now, maybe you’ve read my answer to your letter on my blog. I wrote it when I was in a silly mood. Today, I’m wondering if I could have done a better job. That is, I want to say that it was REALLY NICE of you to write to me.

I work alone in a room without windows. It can be a lonely job sometimes. A hard job. But when I get a letter like yours, it really makes me happy, and grateful that I have readers like YOU out there.

So thank you.

Very much.

In truth, I’ve never been locked in a closet. But the other part was true: I used to spy on my brothers and sisters. It was fun!

I would NEVER have a food fight, neither would Jigsaw or Mila, and I’d be very angry if my children participated in one. Food is a precious resource. There are children around the world who don’t have enough to eat. We are fortunate, and we should never forget that. Mostly, that’s what I tried to say in my book — but in a funny, entertaining way. I hope!

Thanks again for writing.

Your friend,

James Preller

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