Fan Mail Wednesday # 32

Oh yeah, unh-huh, hands in the air, that’s right — Fan Mail Wednesday, coming at ya!

Dear Mr. Preller:

My name is Henry.  I am a sixth grader in Washington, D.C. and I read your book.  My school librarian tries to have the kids read at least two with Newbery potential.  Six Innings was one of the five I read.  I really like the book because I play Little League and my team got into the championship, but we lost.  Luckily, we didn’t have anyone who had a tumor like Sam.  I thought Six Innings should be a Newbery winner — either the main one or an Honor Book. I’m sorry you didn’t win but I bet you will sometime in the future.

Your friend and reader,


After contacting a lawyer and spending several hours on the paperwork, I was thrilled to send Henry this reply:

Dear Henry:

I am sending over the adoption papers post haste. Please have your parents sign them and return the papers to me, along with your very self, carefully packaged in a box (remember air holes!). We don’t have an extra bedroom, but you can sleep on the ping pong table in the basement. Because after that kind note, you are like a son to me!

The Irish have an expression, “Flowers for the living.” In other words, you don’t have to wait for someone to die before you say something nice about them. So thank you for that, those generous words.

Be well, Henry, er, son . . . now go clean your room!


P.S. That’s really great that you got to play in a championship game. I’ve watched quite a few at the Little League level, and I always want to grab a bat and take a few cuts. What happened in your game? What was the score? How did you do?

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