Mustaches for Kids

Adam Rex (Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, Pssst!, The True Meaning of Smekeday ) is using his blog to document 30 days in the growth of a bad mustache. But this isn’t just any mustache, it’s a mustache with a cause. Five days in and I’m already hooked. It’s all in an effort to raise money for underfunded Philadelphia school kids. You can pledge HERE.

This is Adam’s post which appeared below the photo:

Well, look at that. I think my mustache is…is really…it’s…
Oh God, who am I kidding. Look at it. It’s like I can see my future, and my future is Freddie Mercury. I mean…I mean MY GOD!
Please help me resist the temptation to shave by donating now to help underfunded schoolkids. Do you have a spare ten dollars? They could use ten dollars.

Adam promises to document the upper lip growth twice a week for the next 30 days, “enduring the public ridicule and haunting personal doubt that follows.” His blog is linked on the sidebar, or just click here if you are going to be that way.

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