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Everybody, move over. My friend, Ellen Miles, the author of “The Puppy Place” series and “Taylor-Made Tales,” has just joined the blogosphere. Her new site is brilliant — fresh, alive, and very kid-friendly (just like Ellen!). Please take a moment to check it out. Ellen is especially interested in hearing from her readers. Her site even has games!

My second-grade daughter, Maggie, has read and enjoyed many of Ellen’s books. As she should, because Ellen does a remarkable job. If you know a dog-lover, be sure to check out Ellen’s “Puppy Place” books.

I met Ellen long ago, in 1985 I think, when we both worked at Scholastic. I was a junior copywriter working on the SeeSaw Book Club, living in Brooklyn and making $12,500 a year, while Ellen was an editorial assistant working under Jean Feiwel. We’ve been friends ever since, quietly and not-so-quietly rooting for each other from the sidelines. Ellen is a great woman, awesomely cool, and a talented writer who has dedicated her adult life to children’s books. She’s already accomplished great things, and I’m certain that the best is yet to come.


  1. Lindsey says:

    Dear Ms. Miles,

    I love your Puppy Place books. Me and my mom have read all of them together and we love them. I have 6 dogs of my own and we foster dogs just like Lizzie and Charles. The rescue groups we work with are Second Chance Dal Rescue and Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue. We finished Jack a few nights ago and we have a Boxer of our own. Her name is Zada. The rest of my dogs names are Molly, Bailey, Suzy (all English setters), Lucy and Splatter (Dal/Pointer). Are you going to be making more books. My mom was wondering if you have ever thought about writing a book about English Setters?

    Your number one fan,
    Lindsey Henkle

  2. Haileigh Barss says:

    Dear Ellen Miles,

    Puppy Place is my favorite series!
    I do not have any dogs of my own,but my brother
    and my sister do, their names are Tank and Tucker.I have 15 puppy place books, I don`t have Sweetie,Honey or Lucky.My favorite book
    is Pugsley,it is so cute when he takes the toilet paper in his mouth and runs around the
    Yours truly

  3. Lydia Malek says:

    Dear Ellen miles,
    My name is Lydia, and I love your books I already collected 12 puppy place books.They are good. My favorite one is Maggie and max. At first I thought was Max was the dog and Maggie was the cat same with my mom dad and my brother. I have one dog named Smudge because when we first got her she looked like a smudge. I have not collected snowball, rascal, buddy, shadow, and lucky. I can’t wait to read chewy and chica because it looks good.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks for writing.

    Ill keep reading,

  4. julie gallagher says:

    in the first puppy place books there was mum dad lizzy, the bean and thier brother jack and his bfriend sammy. in the latter ones instead of jack it is charles. what happened?

  5. Ellen Miles says:

    Julie, I can understand why you would be confused!
    The answer is this: The original Peterson family is Lizzie, Charles and the Bean. But in Puppy Place books that were published in Britain, they changed Charles’s name to Jack. (I’m not sure why, but they did.) Hope that clears things up a bit!

  6. Sanika says:

    By sanika April 4/15/2012

    Dear Ellen Miles,
    I am a big big BIG fan of your books.
    I loved your books so much that I even
    got three more books for Christmas !!!
    Till now I have read Coco,Muttly,Bandit,Cody,
    Jack,and Goldie. I know I have read more but
    I just do not remember their names. You see
    I am now in Costco,and I have been looking for
    Your email address from yesterday and when I
    saw you had a website I took my mom’s phone
    and started writing to you!

    Your number one fan ….

  7. allyssa says:

    Dear Ellen Miles,
    My name is Allyssa Gauthier, I’m in 6th grade.
    I love your books sooo much!
    I have read Jake,Flash,Snowball,Scout,Goldie,Pugsley,Cody,Shadow,Buddy and Muttley(but in french)
    my favorite book is jake
    because my pug/ schnauzer/ jack russell puppy mix Kandy is just like him
    she even chewed my library book.
    What is your fav colour?
    What is your fav puppy place/kitty corner?What is your fav animal?

  8. allyssa says:

    your favorite reader

  9. madisyn hurley says:

    Hi my name is madisyn I got my first I when I turned a eleven
    Years old. Do you any dogs ?

    Your friend

  10. Emily says:

    Hi Ellen I’m your biggest fan I have many similarities to Lizzie I can name Any breed/ mix breed as soon as I see them! My favorite books are Liberty, Chewy and Chica, Bear, and Bandit. And to answer your Question on the last page of Princess. My friend owns a Chiweenie named Lexi and she’s spoiled and the silliest thing she did for her was buy her own miniature bath tub it’s pink and says “Lexi Bug scrubby wubby”

  11. Kaylee says:

    Ellen Miles i love your puppy place books i think they are perfect.Hey you should make a series called kitten place and maybe lizzie can be in it or her friend maria

    Your #1 fan kaylee

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