Getting Crowded, Getting Press

Okay, people, you are all going to have to take a step back — squeeze in, please — we’ve got to make room in the blogosphere for one more author. I know it’s tight, but I’m pretty sure this is the last one. That’s right, Tony Abbott (“Secrets of Droon” series, Kringle, Firegirl, The Postcard), has finally started up his own blog. I look forward to reading it, because Tony is a smart, talented guy who has a world of experience in children’s books. And he’s funny, too. It’ll be nice to hang out with him a little bit, here in the bloggy world.

You can check out Tony’s blog right here.

In other news, my local paper, The Times-Union, did a Sunday feature piece on me after eighteen years under the Cone of Silence. Here’s the link which, fortunately, does not include photographs. I always find this sort of publicity to be embarrassing and awkward — a necessary evil — but I admit that the writer, Mike Lisi, did a nice job and somehow kept me from coming off as a complete idiot. No small thing, that.

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