Where’s Matt?

This is the greatest thing ever . . . this week. Seriously, you have to watch this video. I mean it. When I go to all this trouble to post a video, that’s the deal. That’s the expectation. You came here and now you must click on the video. There is no freedom, no choice. Wait, no, hold on! You are not allowed to think, “Oh, Jimmy, I’ve got a busy day here and so much to do . . .”

You can’t think, “Oh, I don’t have time for silly videos.”

Um, nope. Because when you come to Jamespreller.com, it’s like, oh, how can I explain this? I got it: It’s like suddenly getting a super power, like you’ve been bitten by an atomic spider or something. It comes with great responsibility. So quit dawdlng and click on Matt Somebody’s amazing, surprisingly uplifting video.

I found myself, for all its goofy charm, getting choked up by it. Moist around the old eyeballs. (Concept: It could be that I’m just a sap.) I guess in today’s world . . . well . . . to see something simple and brilliant like this . . . that gives you the feeling of ONE WORLD . . . however fleeting . . . .

Hey, trust me on this. Click on the video! I’m not kidding!

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