Fan Mail Wednesday #4

Yes, folks, it’s Fan Mail Wednesday again. Can’t you feel the excitement? Let’s rumble through the big hopper and see what we’ve got . .

Dear Mr Preller:

My name is Curt. My sister Miranda & I would like to know if you will ever make any Jigsaw Jones TV shows? We are both 9 years old, and we really like to read your books. I read them every night, and now my sister does too.

My mom says I never liked to read books, until I tried one of yours. Now I’m hooked!

If you get a chance, we would love to hear from you.


Curt & Miranda

Hi, Curt and Miranda, thanks for your note. I’m glad to hear that my books helped turn you onto reading — that’s like my greatest wish come true. (Actually, my greatest wish was to pitch for the New York Mets, but I guess you can’t have everything.)

As the author of the “Jigsaw Jones” mystery series, I’m in control of the words, the stories. The television business is out of my hands. But I’ve heard many readers comment that Jigsaw should be on television. And I totally agree! Wouldn’t that be cool? Question: should it be cartoon or with real actors? If anybody in television wanted to do it, I’d say four brief words: “Show! Me! The! Money!”

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Be well, and have a great summer!


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