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Bloggy Blogness: Around the Horn

A few things:

* My Best Pal in the World Whom I Never Actually Met, Matthew Cordell, gets the “Random Illustrator” Feature over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. They do a first-rate job over there, always.

* The fabulous Brenda Bowen — most recently of Bowen Press — has dusted herself off and started a new blog, called Bunny Eat Bunny. Just a thought: Maybe Brenda should have named it Bunny Dust Bunny. Or not! Anyway, Brenda is in the process of reinventing herself (she’s like Madonna that way) and I know many of us are eager to see what’s next. In the meantime, Brenda’s blog is just a nice way to stay in touch, to see an active, insightful mind at work.

* For bright bursts of optimism, beauty and creativity, is there any place on the web better than Color Me Katie? It’s a visual site, very little reading, and always a pleasure and an inspiration.

* I’d say this spot has been my favorite children’s literature blog of late: consistently excellent.

* The first, early review of Bystander, due out in Fall of ’09 (Feiwel and Friends).

To Music, To Seven Things

I’m writing to direct you to a wonderful post I just discovered at Seven Impossible Things. It’s dated 12/12, written by Jules, and titled, “Poetry Friday: To Music.

I often wonder what this blog should be — this jamespreller.com creature — or even IF it should be. And then I read a post like that and am awed and encouraged.

Obviously, there are all sorts of ways to blog. Quick and breezy, snarky and sharp, link-laden or thoughtful and slow. I guess I try to find some balance. And, really, mostly just try to please myself, try to reflect what’s going on at the moment, especially as it touches my working life.

Anyway, all I’m trying to do now is say, hey, look at that. Isn’t that great? Isn’t that cool? Don’t you love it?

Happy New Year!