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This Fancy Chart Explains the Intersecting Timelines for BYSTANDER and Its Prequel/Sequel, UPSTANDER

Everybody loves a fancy chart, right? It gives any project gravitas. 

This one visually explains the intersecting timelines for my books Bystander and Upstander

So here we go, fresh from the Chart Factory in Gloversville, NY . . . 

And if perchance that makes no sense to you, know this:

The timeline for Upstander (coming May 11th) begins before Bystander, but ends at the same time, at the same basketball game (which was clever, I thought, and, hey, still think). 

About halfway through Upstander — page 112, chapter 21 — the story catches up to the first chapter of Bystander. From that point on, the world of those two overlapping novels gets bigger, richer, deeper. Maybe even better!

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with this follow-up book. 




Coming In One Week!


The big box of books finally arrived. Pub date is only a week away (May 11th). I’m proud of it; in this case, mostly for the Substance Use Disorder storyline. Mary’s older brother has problems with drugs and it’s tearing the family apart. There’s even a scene where a librarian administers Narcan. This book is a prequel/sequel to Bystander.

It’s a strange feeling when a book goes out, especially in the last few years, met by a distracted & indifferent world. The collective shrug. My hope, as always, is that readers find it and enjoy the reading experience. Upstander is a 2021 Junior Library Guild Selection.

May one good book lead to another.