Last Skype of the School Year

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! My last Skype visit of the school year, this one with a nice group in Miami. I am always horrified when I am sent a photo from their point of view — my giant grizzled floating grayhead — but the kids seem to enjoy it. Who knows!

Seriously, I don’t do a lot of Skypes, for various reasons. But I do enjoy them and am open to more in the future. My strong preference is to do “whole book” Skypes, where a group has all read one of my books. Then I’ll do a 25-minute Q & A about that book and writing in general. In the above photo, the students had all read The Courage Test

I’m especially eager to do some that are centered around my upcoming middle grade title, Blood Mountain (Macmillan, October). Keep it, and me, in mind. Just write to me at jamespreller @ aol dot com. Thanks!

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