The Little League World Series, Some Photos, My Reusable Bag, etc.

Just back from a memorable trip to Williamsport, PA, for the Little League World Series. I’m hooked for life. Here’s a few random snaps . . .

This is the view when we first arrived, coming down a hill from the parking lot, with teams loosening up before the 8:00 Saturday night game, Chula Vista, California, against Russellville, Kentucky. After watching Chula Vista power seven home runs — titanic shots — our jaws were on the floor. Wow.

On Sunday, Nick and Gavin — absolutely thrilled the entire day — watched four consecutive games, Mercer Island, Washington vs. Urbandale,  Iowa; Vancouver, British Columbia vs. Chinese, Taipai; Chula Vista (again!) vs. Peabody, Massachusetts; finally culminating in a match-up between Japan and Curacao, which featured a fascinating contrast in styles and more than a fair share of crazy plays. Was it a great game? Just check out this clip:

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We were right there behind home plate, about the fourth row. And we felt privileged to be there.

I missed some of the game action on Sunday, as I was the guest author at the Little League Museum, signing Mighty Casey and Six Innings. Met a lot of proud parents, thrilled kids, and happy visitors. I can’t recommend this trip enough to baseball-loving families everywhere. Despite the big-time nature of the event, including the top teams in the world and wall-to-wall television coverage, the place gives off a warm family atmosphere and somehow captures the essence of youth sports played at the highest level. The event is run to precision, benefiting from the hard work of 600-700 volunteers who do a tremendous job making sure that each visitor has the best possible experience.

As for me, today, I’m feeling pressure to finish a manuscript and get some administrative Little League things in order (I’m helping to organize “Fall Ball” for our own local league). In addition, we’re heading to a cabin in the Adirondacks for a week this Saturday, so overall it’s a great big CRUNCH.

I have a lot of ideas for this blog after Labor Day. A fabulous interview with a favorite author-slash-storyteller, the lovely, energetic Carmen Deedy, featuring her great (great, great) new book, 14 Cows for America. I also plan to start giving some background info on my upcoming bully-themed book, Bystander (due out September 29th!), and much more.

So a little sporadic this week, then a week off, then we’ll rock and roll.

By the way, I love this . . .


  1. Maria says:

    I so SO jealous of this trip! I could only imagine how fun it was to take your family and be able to experience LL World Series-what a tremendous memory for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your photos for those of us who dream of going there. PS: I am patiently waiting for your next book. Can’t wait maria

  2. I know just what you mean – it is an experience you can not describe and it is the most awesome experience for the players to ever get to do.

    I am going to look up your book and I have some ideas for your next book if you need some (wink)

    Mom of #1 Great Lakes Team

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